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She can make you laugh and will
sometimes make you cry. Wherever life takes you,
she will be there with you, to support you,
make sure you’ll keep faith, hug you,
arouse you, confront you, but in the end
will always believe in you. And most importantly:
love you.
She chooses to live and so should you…

I never said I was cute” – Raven Rules

Handmade accessories with a twisted kind of love

All bracelets are made of good quality material. Colored nature stones in various cool shapes like crosses, skulls, peace signs, stars and more… All strung on elastic, some of them with beads. All bracelets have silver or gold colored accents or charms which stay beautiful for a long time. Showering or swimming with your Raven Rules might change somewhat of the color so keep that in mind when you decide to rebel and do so. In most cases it should not be a problem.

In general the women bracelets (beads) measure 16,5 -17,5 cm and the men bracelets (beads) 18,5 -19,5 cm. Because of the use of elastics, most sizes fit all. In case you prefer a smaller or bigger size? Just tell Raven…info@ravenrules.com